Birrong Books is a division of Boyer Educational Resources.
Birrong Books
'Birrong' means star in the language of the Aboriginal people living around Sydney Harbour when Europeans arrived.
We chose the name for our business because our aim is to bring stellar Australian stories to the world.

Our business
Birrong Books is a division of Boyer Educational Resources. Birrong Books was set up prior to the launch of Susan Boyer's book titled 'Across Great Divides: True Stories of Life at Sydney Cove'. Future publications are forthcoming and include more non-fiction Australian history books as well as childrens books.  

Boyer Educational Resources is a successful Australian business  that has been providing excellent English language learning books and audio to students and teachers since 1998. We publish books which explain and provide practice with English grammar, pronunciation, spelling and everyday Australian conversation and international  conversation for students and teachers of English. Most of our books have accompanying audio CDs. Also, our resources focus on reading, writing as well as listening and speaking skills. Our resources are effective, practical and relevant to everyday life.

Author - Susan Boyer
For more information about Susan Boyer visit her website >>

Your privacy is important to us.
We do not disclose any information about our customers to any third party. The only exception is to our bank in the normal course of processing credit card details.
If you would like further information about the privacy of your details please contact us.

Users of Boyer Educational Resources books and audio products for learning English and teaching English please be aware that the meaning of colloquial language is very dependent on the context or situation in which it is used. Boyer Educational Resources English language learning products have been designed to introduce and explain the meaning of colloquial expressions used by English speakers in everyday situations.
However, because colloquial expressions can have different meanings in different situations, it is not recommended that students of English immediately begin using the newly introduced expressions indiscriminately. It would be much better to spend time becoming familiar with, and understanding the correct meaning of expressions in different situations before they are used in conversations.

In this regard, the author and publisher of Boyer Educational Resources will not accept any liability or be responsible to any person, educational institution, organisation or company with regard to the misuse of language or information, caused directly or indirectly by the information presented in Boyer Educational Resources products.