Birrong Books is a division of Boyer Educational Resources.
Birrong Books
'Birrong' means star in the language of the Aboriginal people living around Sydney Harbour when Europeans arrived.
We chose the name for our business because our aim is to bring stellar Australian stories to the world.

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'Stories of Life at Sydney Cove’ is a young reader edition of ‘Across Great Divides' suitalbe for ages 10 to adult.
* All the people named in the stories really lived at Sydney Cove.      Download a bookmark with the names of people >>
* The stories are about true historical events described in the journals, letters and reports of people on the First Fleet.
* The stories have relevance to the Australian Curriculum.    Free resources & Curriculum links >>
   Excerpt of a review of ‘Stories of Life at Sydney Cove’ in BuzzWords, Jan 2017 by Dianne Bates
"It is evident that Boyer has thoroughly researched her material; (the) tale is interesting, absorbing and well told…
      This is a comprehensive and fascinating piece of research and the author is to be congratulated on her achievement.'
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About 'Stories of Life at Sydney Cove'
We all love stories of adventure, dilemma, mystery and discovery. 'Stories of life at Sydney Cove' has it all.
When thirteen year old convicts, John Hudson and Elizabeth Hayward, are sent to a mysterious land at the end of the world, they have no idea what life holds for them. At Sydney Cove there are no roads, no fences, no buildings … just wilderness.
Later when Indigenous children Nanberry and Boorong come to live with the white strangers, they see life through different eyes. The mystery of a new world had begun and the lives of all involved would never be the same again.

'Stories of life at Sydney Cove' is a gripping narrative that weaves together the everyday experiences of convicts, soldiers and Aboriginal people, with the events of history. These true stories are told through the words of those who really lived at Sydney Cove in 1788, and are so intriguing they read like fiction.

Following the success of ‘Across Great Divides: Trues Stories of Life at Sydney Cove’, this new edition, ‘Stories of Life at Sydney Cove’,  is for readers aged 10+.