Birrong Books is a division of Boyer Educational Resources.
Birrong Books
'Birrong' means star in the language of the Aboriginal people living around Sydney Harbour when Europeans arrived.
We chose the name for our business because our aim is to bring stellar Australian stories to the world.

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  Across Great Divides is narrative non-fiction.                                   'Stories of Life at Sydney Cove, a young reader edition,
      The true stories are told through the words of                                       begins with the true story of eight-year-old John Hudson
      those who actually lived at Sydney Cove in 1788.                                  sentenced to 7 years transportation for stealing.He sails
      There’s an index, and notes for each chapter.                                       on the First Fleet to Sydney Cove.
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Across_Great_Divides:_True_Stories_of_Life_at_Sydney_Cove_ ISBN_9781877074424 Stories_of_Life_at_Sydney_Cove_ ISBN_9781877074493


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